Saturday, December 15, 2012

Random Observations While Flying

Traveling is always an adventure even if nothing unusual happens.  Even better that way because it give me time to just look around.  There are always different things to enjoy.  People watching in the airport.  Striking up short, casual conversations with strangers.  An excuse to eat junk food--not that I really need one. 

This trip, I flew to Albuquerque and here's where I'm staying

After landing for what seems to be the obligatory change of planes on any trip these days, as we taxied to the gate to deplane, I saw a couple of airplanes sitting by themselves, front end to a barrier, as if they had been put in time out.  Hopefully, just for cleaning and not bad behavior.

Back in the air after a layover in Denver that gave me just enough time to recharge various electronic devices, we climbed to fly over the Rockies.  If I'm lucky enough to get a window seat, I can watch the world go by beneath me.  The folds of bare land in the mountains look like rumpled sheets.  Further on, what I know are trees covering the ground look like blades of grass.  Miniscule dirt trails that snake up and down hills, crisscross the landscape and seem to go nowhere.

But, best of all, after I landed I get hugs from my son and granddaughter and get to spend the holidays with them.


  1. Love your comments on the planes in time out. LOL. And what an adorable picture of the grandchild. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Susan. I couldn't figure out why they'd stuck the planes way off to one side. So, of course, I had to make up a story.

    And yes, the little girl is too much fun.

  3. I feel the same way about traveling. You look at all those people, bustling on and off planes, waiting eagerly for the arrival of loved ones. It's impossible NOT to wonder about their stories. And flying over the country, seeing places far below you'll probably never set foot on...something about it puts things in perspective. I'm so glad you're having a good trip so far!

  4. Exactly!!! I expect all writers do that. Have a happy holiday with hubby and your sweet little girl.

  5. There's no snow in those pictures! I might be a little jealous. Have a great time spoiling that little sweetie!!

  6. Nope. No snow. I understand you guys will be having a white Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!