Friday, December 31, 2010

Henna Extravaganza

Look what I did the day after Christmas.

Rahma had a friend come in who applied henna to my hands and feet in traditional designs.  The girls also had their hands done.

Here's what the first stage looks like while the henna is drying--it's still very dark:

And here's the end result after setting the design with olive oil, washing off the henna, then spraying it with perfume to bring out the orange.


As you can see, the color is deeper on my palm.


Getting decorated with henna was a fascinating process that took several hours.

The now very beeaauuuutiful Judi


  1. My first thought was cool! My second, boy are you white. Not much sun there in Africa? LOL.

    Miss, but I'm glad you're having so much fun!


  2. What a fascinating experience. How long do you expect the designs to last?

  3. Very cool! How long does it last? You may get some funny looks at the JetPort, hehe.
    Are you coming home soon???

  4. Looks like you all had a great time. We did this with the girls when they were little. It lasts a long time. Safe travels home!

  5. You're right, Michelle. I'm the whitest of white girls. There's lots of sun here, but I doubt there's enough sun in the whole of Africa to brown me up.

    Susan and Luanna: The designs will last at least a couple of weeks, especially the ones on my palms. Depends on how much you have them in water. There should still be some left by the meeting.

    I arrive home on the 6th. Good thing I'm arriving at Logan and not the JetPort--although with our Somali population in Maine, I expect henna is around.

    Looking forward to coming home.

  6. So cool, Judi! I hope a little of it is still there when I see you next. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.