Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween à la Maroc

One of the fun things about travelling to other countries is seeing how they celebrate holidays.  Halloween is the States has some universals.  Kids dress up, perhaps go to parties, but definitely go Trick or Treating. 

The Flamenco Dancer and the Asian Girl

Much the same here.  On Saturday, we were invited to a Halloween party at the house of one of Joe and Leila's friends.  Eight or ten kids as superheroes, chevaliers and even a Tigger.

 Later, we walked to the American Club.  They had games and very American food at the Club:  Roasted turkey legs, pumpkin soup, caramel-coated apples and cupcakes.  There were games for the kids and the parents sat and chatted in English, French and Arabic.  Even the American Ambassador and his wife attended.

At 5:00 clock, it was time for Trick or Treat.  The younger kids had first dibbs.  We left the American Club, walked down the street, turned the corner and walked past the American Embassy

and into the parking lot.  There, a number of families had decorated the trunks of their cars and kids walked from one vehicle to the next, saying Trick or Treat and gathering candy.  Some of the cars were elaborately decorated.

It was a hoot--one of the most enjoyable Halloween's ever.

Happy Halloween all!