Monday, April 18, 2011

Check out the cute guy who's come to live with me.

But a word of advice.  If your hairdresser calls unexpectedly, out of the blue, you might consider not answering.  I answered, and got a new puppy.

As many of you know, I lost my little Min Pin, Jake, a year ago.  Because I missed him, and because Sassie, my little girl Yorkie missed him, too, I got another Yorkie, Mishka.

But when  my hairdresser heard Gizmo was available, she knew I loved Min Pins and offered him to me first.  How can you refuse an adorable guy like this?

Sassie has adjusted very well to being the bossy big sister.  And loves to nap with him, too, right beside my desk.

In the evening, when I sit down to watch TV, more often than not, the three of them draped all over me. 

But it's great to have Min Pin shenanigans in the house again.

Hey, wait a minute.  That's my chair.  Where's a girl find room to sit down to write?

How about you?  Who helps you get your work done?  Or maybe help isn't the right word.

Anyway, enjoy your furry friends