Friday, June 8, 2012

Wishes and Dreams coming soon

Today, my mother, Charlotte Bucklin Peabody, would be 95. 

One summer, many years ago, when I was bored and had read all my books for the umpteenth time, she introduced me to romance novels.  I was hooked and have read them since then and eventually began writing them.

So, when I got the idea for Wishes and Dreams, my book releasing July 26 (which, coincidentally is my father’s birthday and he would be 97), Culinarians Day.  I decided it would be fitting to use some of my ancesters on Mum’s side.  She was a great cook and should have been a food critic.

I had lots of fun writing it, remembering my mother and stories she told about my great-grandfather.

Can a grumpy old ghost stand in the way of a woman's wishes and dreams?

What can go wrong for Dakota Bucklin in one morning?  Everything, when her great-great-great grandfather is meddling and her long-time friend, Will Graham, is distractingly attractive.

And here’s a taste:

Dakota stood to one side holding a flat pan in her hand, her sherry-colored eyes wide open as she surveyed the mess. A few wisps of her dark brown hair peeked from under a crooked red bandana.

Will stepped into the room, the door swinging shut behind him. "You doing some heavy-duty redecorating?" He regretted his teasing in case she'd been hit by one of the falling pans. "Seriously, are you okay? Did you get hurt?"

Dakota shifted her gaze to his chest. Her eyes widened even further.

At that moment, Will realized he wore only his pajama bottoms. In his haste to discover what had happened, he had neglected to slip into his jeans and pull on a T-shirt.

"No, I'm fine. It's just… I don't know what happened."

Her voice sounded dazed, worrying Will that she had indeed been injured in spite of her assurance she wasn't. He didn't see any blood or bruising, so he had to assume she was okay.

"I reached for this," she waved the flat pan she held, "and everything came tumbling down."