Monday, July 25, 2011

Who knew that July was National Ice Cream Month.

Not me until just the other day.  But it's a good thing, given that several days were at or near 100 around here, and there were lots of days in the 80s.  Meaning, I have practically lived on ice cream.

                       Root beer floats in my summer office.  Mmmmm!

Friendly's Fruit SwirlsTM (orange and vanilla) ice cream with crushed OreosTM. Or vanilla with crushed mint Oreos--just to have some variety.


Today, July 25, my dad would have been 96. So, I'm planning on celebrating with a little piece of cake and a big bowl of ice cream. Below is a picture of my dad, Ned Peabody, and my oldest son, when he was just a little boy.

Go forth and celebrate the little bit left of National Ice Cream Month.


Friday, July 1, 2011

I finished the d&#n book

So, I finished writing my current work-in-progress the other day, delighted to type those wonderful words, The End. 

And was at loose ends.  Couldn't settle down to do anything, even though there was plenty I could do--inside the house, outside in the yard.  Didn't even check out the books in my TBR pile.  Instead, I wandered around my house thinking, hmmm, I should do this or that.  And didn't.

Fortunately, I had to meet with some of my critique partners that night and now I'm refocused.  I have another story that only has one scene left to write--interrupted that story to write Two Moons Rising that I just sold to Crescent Moon Press.

So, yesterday, to reward myself, I bought a new fancy trellis to hang my hummingbird feeder on, and next year I can plant some flowers to climb it.  Check out the pic.

What do you do to celebrate finishing a manuscript?