Saturday, December 11, 2010

Travels to Morocco

Random thoughts from the trip to Morocco.

I got to Logan in plenty of time, especially since the departure was delayed a couple of hours. There was plenty of time to enjoy a latte and scone for breakfast at Starbucks. Wandering around the gate area after eating, a guy started chatting with me. He was from Lebanon and invited me to join him for something to eat. Interesting pick-up line for an airport. Guess it's the same wherever.

Normally, I can sleep on international flights. However, my muse was busy working. About half way to Paris, I woke up, wide awake, and wrote for the rest of the flight. I was pleased my muse had followed me, but she could have chosen a more convenient time to put me to work.

Arriving at the Charles de Gaulle airport at my breakfast time (their noon) I needed something to eat. So . . . just because they call it French fast food doesn't make it haute cuisine. I've seen better grub at Mickey Ds or 7-11. The international gate reminded me of pictures I've seen of Gare du Nord. The rounded roof and long rectangular building. The difference being planes instead of trains. Constructed with glass and metal, the sounds reverberated enough so that it was difficult to understand the announcements, particularly those in French.

And I nearly froze while waiting for my next flight. Good thing I brought my winter jacket and could put it on over my leather jacket with my jeans. And had a turtleneck on under by fleece shirt. It took half of the trip to Rabat before I was warm again.

But hugging my two beautiful granddaughters made it all worth while.

Au revoir til next time.


  1. You're always cold! Glad you had a safe trip. And having an entire month as vacation is great!

  2. LOL, Pam. Too true. But I noticed there were a bunch of other people complaining about the cold--in all languages.

  3. Your granddaughters look like their Grandmom! Beautiful!

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