Saturday, January 15, 2011

I’m Home

Okay, I’ve been back in Maine a week.  It’s COLD.  I grew up in Maine.  I lived in Minnesota for 30 years.  I’ve been back in Maine 10 years.  Who knew that in 5 weeks I’d get acclimated to being warm.

It’s snowed a foot and a half since I came home.  My poor puppies are relegated to running down a tunnel of snow from the deck to the maple trees.

One bright spot is that I brought home a tajine (a kind of stove-top oven) for cooking tajine (basically a Moroccan stew).  The day after I arrived, I rummaged through my refrigerator and found chicken (in the freezer), some sketchy potatoes and a winter squash.  I ‘refreshed’ the chicken in some cold water while it thawed, peeled the veggies, added a spice that I from one of the three packets of mixes I bought in Rabat with my DIL’s help (can’t remember what’s in them and can’t read Arabic), added chicken broth and a hint of white wine (definitely not in a Moroccan recipe) and Voilà! a tasty dinner with savory smells filling my house, reminding me of North Africa and my beautiful granddaughters.

 So, what’s your favorite food or recipe for cold winter days?

Très FROID au Maine


  1. Beautiful tajine. I think I'd leave that sitting on the stove all the time, whether in use or not.

    My fav cold weather supper is roast chicken/mashed potatoes/sweet potato casserole (NOT the marshmallow one, blech) and steamed broccoli. I add a splash of white wine to my gravy - divine!

  2. Love the tajine, as Lu says. Yes, leave it out. And your recipe sounds yummy.Welcome back!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've taken your advice and it's sitting on a shelf at the end of my counter.