Monday, September 5, 2011

Life has been crazy around here lately.

Between an awesome weekend at Camp Brainstorming

Taking a few minutes to watch the duck at the edge of the lake

and going to the Highland Games in Topsham, Maine.  Here's one of the people demonstrating life in the Highlands


Check out the marching men in kilts here:

and being visited by Hurricane Irene

This is the raked-up debris that fell in my back yard
Here's a link to the video I made (there's not much else to do when the power's out for 2 days)  It's a bit long (9 minutes) but it's got something for everyone--rain, wind, firemen, hummingbirds and dogs.

there hasn't been time for much else.


Night of Turmoil (a short, sweet story) releases on September 21.

Looking forward to taking a deep breath and getting back to writing.

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