Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My First Day Back in Minnesota

I'm visiting the Twin Cities in Minnesota for a couple of weeks.  I haven't been back since I moved to Maine in 2001.  All my kids and grandkids are here, and we've been revisiting some of our favorite places.

Yesterday we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (currently hosting a Rembrandt display) and then stopped by the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Museum

I'd forgotten what a special place that is.  Larger-than-life sculptures in a beautiful outdoors setting.

                                          A walkway filled lined with flowers

My artistic ability consists of drawing stick figures.  But here's a new take on a stick horse.

The girls had a great time exploring. 

       An i-beam sli

and posing for pictures in a gigantic frame     

                                           We all had fun on the giant swing

And stopped by to visit my most favorite piece, a gigantic glass fish in a crystal house.  I've been there in the winter when there were several feet of snow outside, but inside it's a tropical garden.

We topped off the excursion admiring one of the iconic pieces, a giant cherry on a spoon.

Today, we're headed out to one of the 10,000 lakes Minnesota is famous for.

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  1. Looks like you're having a blast, Judi! Love the pics!

  2. Looks like a great place to explore. Have fun at the lake!

  3. Love the pictures, especially of the little girls. I'd love to visit that sculpture park. What fun!

  4. Hi, Brenna
    I am having a great time--especially after getting a full night's sleep on Monday (only got 2 hours on Sunday night)

  5. Hi, Lu
    I didn't begin to take pictures of all the sculptures there--not even all the pix I took ;-)
    Joe and I were talking in the car. He loves it here this time of year but never again in the winter--but admitted that might be the reason there is so much art in MN. Let's face it. What else is there to do when it's 40 below outside?

  6. Hi, Susan.
    The sculpture park is absolutely wonderful. I think some of my pictures give an idea of the massive size of some of them. It was lots of fun taking the girlz there.

  7. It looks like a fun time!The grandchildren are soooooooo cute!!!


  8. Hi, Diane
    Thanks. They're adorable
    It's a treat to see how well the three of them get together. And the three big ones, too.

  9. Seems like you have a favorite subject. Or is that three favorite subjects. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the picture of your granddaughter staring at the giant spoon with the cherry on it. I can see the image of the giant sundae in her head.

    Have a great trip.


  11. Hi, Michelle/Jillian
    Just back from the lake trip. You're right about the three favorite subjects ;-)

  12. Hi, Donna
    That's Selma, Joe's youngest. The girls all had a great time. Just back from the lake trip. Two swims jumping off the pontoon boat.