Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weather report: It's warm and sunny

On Tuesday, I headed south where it's warmer.

Here's my back yard a few days before I left.

(Some of you may have seen this when I tweeted it)

So here's what greeted me on Wednesday:

View of the golf course at Miles Grant

and later, here's a pic of the back yard at Starbucks.

In case you've forgotten, you can scroll up to see what I left behind.

Yesterday, replicas of the Pinta and Nina were docked at a marina near where I'm staying.  I couldn't resist a visit.

The first reason being that I visited the tomb of Christopher Columbus in the Cathedral in Seville during my visit there in October.

So, here's a shot of the boat Pinta.  

Can't see it?  Because the honkin' big yacht is blocking it?  Hint: It's the tiny square flag 

Here's she is from across the water.

And here's the Niña

The Pinta had a crew of 26 and the Nina 24.  The ships were so small the crew slept above deck because below decks were filled with provisions.

From under cover looking toward the deck
On the deck of the Niña

Factoid:  Columbus chose the Niña as his ship.

Their diet was especially varied:   

Personally, I can't imagine spending 24/7 on a ship between 65 and 85 feet in length crowded to the gunnels with 26 or 24 other bodies.

How about you?


  1. Love seeing the Nina and Pinta. Glad you're warm. And it figures you'd find the Starbucks.

    1. It was fun going aboard, but man they are tiny. They weren't much bigger than the old charter lobster boat my dad bought to mess around in. And, of course, I found the Starbucks. Sitting there right now.

  2. Dang, those ships are tiny. I suspect you'd get to know your shipmates quickly. Glad to know you're warm. Bring some of that home with you, okay?

    1. I don't know how they managed to move around.
      I certainly plan on dragging some warm weather home with me.