Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fun Times in Charlottesville

The last couple of days have been busy.  On Monday, we toured the campus of the University of Virginia.  While walking around we came upon this building.

I Googled it later and found this tidbit of information.  "The building was constructed mainly with monies from the Peabody Education Fund, which had been set up by George Peabody, 19th-century advocate for public education in the South."  George Peabody was an ancestor--from the rich side of Dad's family.  Basically, all the Peabody's in the country are related.

Tuesday, we had Art on the Porch.  Lots of drawing and flying paper airplanes.  And paper cutting.

Every day we're down at the pool at least once a day.  The kidlets are little fish, swimming, splashing, jumping in.  It they're good, Uncle Luke will even toss them up and into the water.

Yesterday, we went shopping.  I gave each of the little kids $25 to spend as they wish.  Decisions of that kind take a lot of time.  An hour later, we checked out of Toys R Us.  They had to pay for their purchases, take the change (if there was any) and keep the receipt until we walked out.  Fortunately, the adults were on hand to help.  I couldn't have managed four of them on my own.

Last night, the kids got to stay up until dark to light sparklers I brought with me.  Even though we were careful, there were a couple of teeny tiny burns.  I was too busy lighting sparklers to take pictures.  But there was the usual Statue of Liberty pose, running and twirling around with them.

The generosity of my BIL and SIL in opening their home to an invasion is awesome  We've had a million laughs, wonderful food and lots of great wine and beer.

There's noting better than hangin' with my family peeps.


  1. So now I'm wondering if there's ever a large Peabody family reunion. You sure are keeping busy. I love your idea of letting the kids do their own shopping - that'll make your gift hugely memorable.

    Have fun!!

  2. What a lovely time together. Like Lu said about a Peabody reunion being large, hmm, you'd need Fenway Park!

  3. It's not that prolific a crew ;-) In Maine, I have 5 living cousins (2 kids each) and a brother (2 kids) and me with 3 kids. I'm the over-populating one. As far as I know one cousin we're not in touch with had a boy and my nephew had a boy, so there's not even many to carry on the name. We may be in the dinosaur category ;-)