Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Days in Spain

Just back from spending five days in Seville.  We did so much walking and had so much fun I didn't take time to blog.  So I'm catching up now.

The ferry was late arriving Friday evening, so here we are, killing time in Tangiers.

Note:  These were taken as a live photo on my iPhone, but Blogger isn't up to speed on displaying it yet.  Also had a great pic of a full moon over Tangiers, but the final frame is just a blur.

After crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, we spent the night in Tarifa at a small pension.

View the next morning of a Tarifa street from my room

And had breakfast.  I chose scrambled eggs, huevos revueltos (which when pronounced in Spanish sounds very much like revolting eggs. But they were delish!

Two hours later we arrived in Seville.  For the next four days we visited all our favorite places.

A park where the trees have huge roots

Eating tapas for lunch at Levies

Missing NM so we had Mexican food

Ice cream at the Metropol Parasol, mostly referred to as the Waffle

View of Seville from the top of the Waffle

And we toured the Antiquarium, housing Roman ruins discovered during the construction of the Waffle 

Note the massive footings that support the Waffle in the background

And we visited a new site.

The maritime museum.  Seville is the port that Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan and Amerigo Vespucci, to name a few, sailed from.

They would have sailed down this river to the ocean
Back in Morocco now and looking forward to good times here.


  1. Sounds like you visited interesting sites and ate great food - the perfect vacation!!!

  2. What a fascinating city. Love the waffle.

    1. The pictures don't begin to do it justice. It's big and light and airy all at the same time.

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