Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer has exploded around here.

April was chilly and damp around here.  I spent the first three weeks of May in Albuquerque visiting my son and his family.  Nice and warm and sunny out there.  I finally got warm down to my bones.

We visited the Botanical Garden on Mother's Day

Really cool plants, so different from Maine.

And here's daddy and his little girl.

We also visited the art and history museum

 Very cool Westward Ho sculpture

We went up to Santa Fe for a couple of days while No. 2 son and his wife rode in the Santa Fe 100 mile bike ride.  Being the smart one, I got to play with my granddaughter.

 Here she is, indignantly chasing the pigeons off the grass (like her dad does with the pigeons in his garden in the back yard)

Sleepy-time girl

Came back home to cold and rain.  Until last week.  Now it's hot and mostly sunny.  I've planted my "garden"

The dogs are enjoying being outdoors, too. 

Here they are, grazin' in the grass.

And my writing career is sort of exploding, too.  Pepper has a book coming out on June 24th. 

And Judi has a contract for Two Moons Rising with Crescent Moon Press.  No cover or release date yet.

Night of Turmoil is at one of my publishers for consideration. 

And Pepper is hard at work on another Love Genie story.

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled writing.

Have a great June.


  1. Judi,
    Wonderful pictures. I can see how much you enjoyed the granddaughter.
    Who's the third pup at your house?

  2. That would be Gizmo. I seem to be a MinPin magnet. Both Jake and Gizmo were given to me. He's a lot of fun, and loving the way Jake was, but, since he's not a scaredy cat, he's friendly to everyone.

  3. LOVE the picture of that sweet girl sleeping with her teddy.

    Congrats on all the wonderful book news.

  4. She is adorable, isn't she. And, best of all, she looooves her Gramma Judi, too.

  5. Love the blog Judi! I've started writing again myself...hope all is well!

  6. Thanks for your comment. Glad you're writing. The writing life is always a journey.