Monday, July 25, 2011

Who knew that July was National Ice Cream Month.

Not me until just the other day.  But it's a good thing, given that several days were at or near 100 around here, and there were lots of days in the 80s.  Meaning, I have practically lived on ice cream.

                       Root beer floats in my summer office.  Mmmmm!

Friendly's Fruit SwirlsTM (orange and vanilla) ice cream with crushed OreosTM. Or vanilla with crushed mint Oreos--just to have some variety.


Today, July 25, my dad would have been 96. So, I'm planning on celebrating with a little piece of cake and a big bowl of ice cream. Below is a picture of my dad, Ned Peabody, and my oldest son, when he was just a little boy.

Go forth and celebrate the little bit left of National Ice Cream Month.



  1. What a great picture of your Dad! I'm totally celebrating the month with weight watchers chocolate covered raspberry popsicles. A yummy indulgence with just a hint of guilt. ;)

  2. Yes, I saw where you mentioned them earlier. I need to get some ;-) And it is a great picture of my Dad. He had a wonderful smile and was a great Dad. Damn asbestos took him much too early, in 1997.

  3. Your outdoor office looks very inviting - especially that root-beer float. I haven't had one in ages. I have been eating my share of ice cream, however, even without knowing I was celebrating a special month. With temps in the high-90s for days and days, ice cream is about the only thing that tastes good!

    Great pic of your Dad!

  4. Love the photo of you and your dad. But now you've made me crave some B&J.

  5. I love writing out there when it isn't 90. Been in and out today. Yes. Ice cream month it is and ice cream immersion last week. Considered filling the tub, but figured even I couldn't eat that much.

  6. Hi, Susan
    I've had a few suppers with my good friends Ben & Jerry. Yep, my dad was a great guy.