Thursday, October 24, 2013

Continuing the Sahara Adventure

Since my last post, I’ve been interrupted by to Seville, Spain and had several dental appointments.  So, let’s travel back in time to the desert.

The Drâa Valley stretches between Ouararzate and Zagora, a lush, narrow oasis in the dry landscape filled with palms and other trees.

The Drâa Valley stretches almost 125 miles

We arrived in Zagora and met our camel leader, Muhammad.  

Lucky guy.  He got to walk

The camels were nicely behaved, contrary to their grumpy reputation.  They were all lying down when we approached them and climbed aboard.  When they stand, it’s rather like riding a tsunami wave on a surf board.

From Dar Hassam's back--a nice old gal

The ride is something else.  Seriously, do not consider this if you want to snuggle with your sweetie anytime soon.  Those saddles are painful.  And a camel's pace is irregular to say the least.  Just when I thought I’d figured out the rhythm, her next step changed it all up.  When I get home, I plan to put together a little video I made of the ride and post it on YouTube.  For now, here’s a couple of pix.

See, I can do it

All 3 of us

The sun, setting behind us, cast long shadows.

This is the terrain we traveled over:

Wind-blown sand

After an hour, we stop for sunset pictures.

Even limping into camp, I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Tune in next time for a evening at camp.


  1. Oh, how fabulous! I can only imagine how uncomfortable the ride had to be - camels do not have the smoothest gait. So are you telling me, the heroine might not welcome the attentions of the Sheik at the end of a long ride?!?

    1. Absolutely, She'd kick him across the tent. And I can't begin to imagine what he'd do. All I can say is Joe won't get on one again ;-)

  2. This looks like an amazing adventure and a wonderful inspiration for a story with firsthand experience! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Too true. I've been dreaming about a desert shiek story for years.

  3. Judi, fabulous pictures and an equally awesome adventure. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The camel ride was definitely an adventure. Although, I think I agree with Joe. Everyone should do it once.

  4. Lu - you are so funny. I am sure Judi will figure something out.
    Judi - I am so jealous. I would love to ride on a camel. I can't wait to see all of your pics. See you next week.

    1. I really need to put the video together. Although people might get seasick from the up and down of the camera.