Sunday, April 23, 2017

In the Air Again

I arrived in Morocco yesterday Friday (their time) and wanted to share a bit of my travel sights.  Fortunately, there was no drama, like people being dragged off the airplane or delayed flights or gate changes--more tricky in Paris where my language skills falter.

In order to catch the 6:10 A.M. flight out of Albuquerque I had to kick the birds awake at 3:30 A.M., get dressed, feed the dogs, close the suitcases (left open in case of any last-minute additions) and load them in the car in time to leave at 4:30 to arrive by 5:00.  Fortunately Black Mesa coffee is up and running at the airport by then so I could be awake enough not to miss the flight.

My reflection looking out the window in
Albuquerque Sunport

Perrier seemed the appropriate beverage before
flying to Paris

Arrived in Atlanta on time--nothing for me to stress about since I had a six-hour layover.  Thanks to Marianne Rice, I had a fun read to dive into.  Check out Strawberry Kisses,  I recommend it.

Nothing says Atlanta like CNN

Finally, at long last the wait was over for the overnight flight to Paris.  Sadly, I had a middle of the middle seat--you know, those plans that have three seats on each side and four in the middle.  Hemmed in by a couple of guys (not cute enough to distract) I got very little sleep.  Thanks again, Marianne.  Jake was much more entertaining in sooooo many ways than the my seatmates.

In Charles de Gaulle Airport, I made a beeline for Starbucks--yes, I’ve been in that airport often enough to know exactly where it is--and loaded up on caffeine.

Didn't even need the Starbucks app to find it

Then on the plane for the last leg of the trip, Paris to Rabat, Morocco.

At last,  peace in the garden.


  1. Enjoy your trip! I always look forward to reading about your travels. And so glad you enjoyed Strawberry Kisses :-)

  2. You only missed Josh in Paris by a day or two. :) I'm in the middle of Strawberry Kisses. Great read.

  3. Glad you arrived safely (and had a good read) - enjoy your trip!!!!

  4. Somehow I missed this post when it was more timely. Glad you arrived safe and sound!