Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's the first day of summer

June is almost over even though it's the first day of summer.

So, my book, The Love Genie: Barbary Coast comes out Friday, June 24th, and I thought I'd see what else was going on in the month of June. 

Guess what?  It's Aquarium Month.

Now, there's a reason I didn't know this.  When my kids were little, I thought it would be fun to have an aquarium.  I had fond memories of my two goldfish when I was young.  They lived for years.  What could be so hard?

So I bought a big aquarium, got the pump, plants, water testing kid, some very cool fish and food.  All went well for about a week.

The algae and snails thrived.  The fish?  Not so much.

Especially because Tom-Tom, the cat, was fascinated by them.
(This is not an actual picture of Tom-Tom, but you get the idea.)

I gave up after a few months.  Years later, I walked into the local pharmacy and at the checkout lane, they had these mini aquariums in a 6 or 8 inch cube, all set up with fish and everything.  I couldn't resist and got one for my desk at the office.  Those were fish of a different kind.  They were hardy little buggers and I had them for several years.

So what does this have to do with my newest book?  Not much except that the story is set on a fantasy sailing ship.  Although I doubt Chris and Meaghan spare many thoughts about fish.

When Scott Eugene Anderson inherits his aunt's motel in the foothills of the White Mountains, he decides to turn it into a motel for anonymous sexual fantasies and advertises himself as The Love Genie.

Meaghan Rowe, who doesn't wait for anything, has a sexual itch and she turns to The Love Genie to get it scratched.  Chris Baxter has a treasure chest full of lovemaking expertise, but can't do commitment.  The two are matched and separately choose The Barbary Coast fantasy aboard a pirate ship.

Given Chris's expertise and Meaghan's impatience, will this relationship walk the plank or will they sail off into the sunset?

The Love Genie -- sexual fantasies with a touch of magic.

The Love Genie:  Barbary Coast will be available June 24th from Whispers Publishing.

Link to the Whispers Publishing:  http://whispershome.com/ 

Link to my web page:  http://peppergoodrich.com/ 


  1. Congratulations on the new story, Judi. I've loved the premise of these stories since you wrote the first one. Here's hoping this story finds all kinds of new readers.

  2. LOL We did the same thing with a fish tank, thinking it would be cool for the boys when they were little. Needless to say it became my fish tank, yet another thing to clean. Son #1 has a small tank in his room, containing one nameless catfish.

    Love the blurb of this story, and your banner is fabulous! Oh, and is that Jimmy Thomas on the cover? That man is everywhere, hehe.

  3. Thanks, Nina. Working on a Love Genie Christmas story on my deck. Good thing it's not about being in an igloo somewhere. The weather's too warm to imagine that.

  4. Lu. The fish tank was very traumatic. I was running a fish Dachau there. Maybe explains why I don't go swimming much ;-)

    Don't know if it's Jimmy Thomas or not. They never said. It would be cool if that's him.

  5. Great premise Judi. I like the idea of a fantasy pirate. The real ones are so nasty.

  6. Yes, give me fantasy pirates any day. Those real ones would have been mean and smelly. But my guy in the tight leather was lots of fun to hang out with.

  7. Loved the pic of the cat and the aquarium. Enjoyed your blurb very much, too. Quite intriguing. Wishing you great sales.

  8. Thanks, Vonnie. I had a lot of fun writing it.