Friday, May 12, 2017

Rambles in Rabat

Back in Morocco and going to fav places and doing fun things.

We had the traditional Friday evening meal in Morocco, couscous.  Much more elaborate than the way I serve it.  I use it as a side dish for fish or chicken, but this is a whole meal.
Couscous with meat, veggies and chickpeas

Saturday we went for a visit to the medina 

A side street. And, yes, this is a street.
Motorbikes roam the medina

to do a bit of shopping

Shoppers and wares

This is the scarf I bought

then home to pick mulberries

The mulberry tree in the garden

and make mulberry preserves

Delicious!  Tastes a lot like figs

For Mother’s Day we all went to Les Trois Palmiers for lunch.  Check out the fish baked in salt, one of their specialties.  

The white mound on the right is the fish

They have to crack open the salt crust to serve the fish.  Not salty, just baked deliciousness.
Peeling off the salt

And fruit torte to die for.  Didn't last long enough for me to take a picture.

The restaurant is right on the beach, and the surf and sea looked very familiar.  Oh, right.  Morocco is on the Atlantic, except on the east side.

Beautiful flowers along a street I’ve walked down frequently back and forth to my dentist.  A bit more about that later.

Anyone know what kind of flowers these are?


  1. Love the pictures accompanying your travelogue, Morocco looks glorious. And so lush and colourful. I've heard of baking fish in a salt crust before but I've not tried it yet - something to add to my "to-do" list.

  2. Gorgeous photos - I was in Morocco as a kid. Are those flowers Bougainvillea - I know they grow in Spain.

  3. Loved this visit through Rabat. Yum on the fish and the couscous too. And the deep pink flowers might be bougainvillea.