Friday, May 5, 2017

The Streets of Seville

We spent four days in Seville, walking around the city.  

Stopping at cafes for coffee.

Nespresso!!  I'm addicted.

                                         And my favorite tapas.

Espinacas con garbanzos, spinach with garbanzos

Lots of fun sights and sounds,        
especially because Feria de Sevilla
started that weekend.                      

All dressed up for the ride to Feria

Lots of flamenco dresses on parade. 
We walked there and back, over 4 miles.  
No trouble sleeping that night.

My son's description:  "It's a thousand cocktail parties and you’re not invited."  Various ‘societies’.  Some are similar to the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade Krews, but also include private families, religious fraternities, etc.

The Feria was originally a cattle fair -- think agricultural fair in the States -- then grew to a place to socialize, setting up tents.  In 1973, it moved to it’s present location, just across the Guadalquivir River (the original Arabic name was Wadi Al-Kabīr -- Great River) from Seville.  Behind the girls is the bridge we walked across to the Feria.

Over 1,000 casetas (temporary tents) are erected, all privately owned and equipped with a bar, kitchen and substantial music system, serving drinks, tapas.  Hence the ‘you’re not invited’ designation.  By evening, impromptu flamenco dancing happens.

On another day, we walked to a cafe, past the first ever tobacco factory in the world

Plaque of the tobacco factory

which is now the University of Seville where my grandson, Ethan, will be taking classes fall semester.

Lunch at the cafe across from the University of Seville

Seville is a great city to visit.  I always enjoy my time here.


  1. Well geez, next time you're there, you'll have to arrange to be invited to one of those tent parties! It sounds like a fun time. Keep the pictures coming!!

  2. What a blast, Judi - I want that recipe for your tapa. Spinach and garbanzos - love them both!

  3. Gorgeous pics of the city and of the family. I'd have loved to join you at the cafe and see flamenco dancers, maybe not at the same time. Thanks for sharing all this.

  4. Fabulous trip, Judi! I love how you chronicle it--so interesting and lovely!

  5. You have a grandson Ethan? The girls have gotten so big from your first blogs about your trips overseas. You have such amazing adventures.

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