Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last Days in Rabat

My time in Morocco is winding down.  Tomorrow I leave for the States.

Here’s what I’ve been doing the last few days

Spending time with my dentist extraordionaire

Dr. Soumaya Benothmane and her assistant
to get a new smile.

Sorry, it's a selfie

Walked up and down this street 
eight different times to the dentist’s office

Enjoyed listening to sound checks for Marwazine

a local musical festival.

One of the sound stages is 3 or 4 blocks from the house so we can hear the concerts in the evening.  Last night we planned on going to dinner along the river near the medina and listened to Bonga, a folk and semba singer and songwriter from Angola.  Until we found out the show didn’t start until 10:00 P.M.  Too late for kids on a school night.  Instead, we listened to Lauryn Hill from the garden.

You can read a bit about Mawazine here: https://www.morocco-guide.com/events/mawazine-festival/ 

And here’s the full lineup of performers: http://www.festivalmawazine.ma/en/programme/

My suitcases are packed (picture a sad smile) and I fly out tomorrow morning around 7:00.  Sad (picture a sad new smile) to be leaving, but looking forward to seeing family and doggies in Albuquerque.


  1. Have a great trip. You've had some incredible adventures. Thanks for letting us be a part of them! Loved the photos and videos.

  2. Lovely new smile, even in a selfie. Have a safe and trouble-free flight home. Albuquerque, hmm, does this mean no MRW Retreat this year?

  3. I like your new smile. I'm sure you had grand adventures over there, like always. Are they allowing you to bring your laptop on the plane or do you have to check it? I've been wondering all day. Safe flights my friend.

  4. Beautiful new smile!!! Sorry you're sad to be leaving but that just means you had a fabulous time and you don't want it to end. The doggies will be awfully glad to see their human mommy though. As will your other grandbabies. Thanks for sharing your travels with us. Bon voyage!

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